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  1. María

    Hi, My name is María and I’m from Spain. I would like to volunteer in your organization, it’s still posible?

  2. admin

    hola, te esperamos, envíanos los documentos de voluntarios para trabajar

  3. marcus

    hi! I have been selected as a volunteer for Curtici in Romania, but the organization does not write me when or how I am traveling to Curtici; I think the project is cancelled and they do not want to tell me, but I am waiting for starting the yourney!
    Please, I read a comment of other volunteer that she has the same problem, please may you contact with the organization and tell me what is it happening? I am desolated.

  4. Iris

    Yes, I have had the same problem. Zara told me that I would start at the beginning of February but she does not answer the mail from December 29, this situation should be denounced and that they be penalized because you can not play with people like that. It’s a shame, unless they put us in another project, and apologize because people have their own life

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