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Starting October 2020, YMCA Romania hosts for a period of 11 months 4 young people from European Solidarity Corps , in a project called “Building Stronger Communities” co-funded by European Union. The volunteers are coming from Finland – Sini Tuuli Suominen, Portugal  – Margarida Santana Honorio and Spain – Antonio Salvatierra Ortega and Marina Monje Jover.

The project aims to promote solidarity through volunteering activities, to foster active citizenship  by empowering youth, including those with fewer opportunities,  to engage for strengthening our communities, supporting the protection of the environment, the Sustainable Development Goals, diversity, inclusion, democratic participation, equity, cooperation.  

They will run  inclusive programs for children and young people  from Baia Mare, Cavnic, educational and artistic programs,  clubs on leadership and civic engagement education, create events in the neighborhoonds of Baia Mare, organize consultations with the young people from other cities from Maramures county,  everything under supervision , mentoring  Romanian language classes and intercultural education provided by YMCA Romania team.  

They will used non formal education methods recognised at European level for its efficiency, atractivity and impact. We strongly believe the fact that non formal education fosters and lead to a learning process with great impact on volunteers and beneficiaries, supporting creativity, active participation, initiative, critical thinking, inclusion.

All the programs that will be implemented by the international volunteers meets not only the needs of the young people but as well support to build bridges of trust within the local community, fostering local involvement, active participation of young people. A such approach was expressed during the UN ECOSOC Youth Forum in last 3 years where our organisation had a delegate in the World YMCA official delegation. The message was: “We cannot see anymore the young people as our FUTURE, because then we jeopardize the future for us all. The young people are our PRESENT, they need to act NOW, to raise their voice NOW, and as the others to listen them NOW”.

“Building Stronger Communities” project is co-funded by European Union through European Solidarity Corps Program and it is organized together with the supporting organizations – partners of the project: Allianssi Youth Exchanges- Finland,  ProAtlântico – Associação Juvenil –Portugal, Asociacion Building Bridges-Spain.

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