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Virtual Internships aim to help companies fill vacancies with digitally competent candidates. Most of our candidates won an Erasmus+ grant, so you do not have to worry about any costs.

Benefits of hosting a virtual trainee

Not additional burden

Zero costs

Increase international dimension

Insurance included

Skilled trainees

Additional help to tackle COVID19 crisis

Assistance with trainee paperwork


You need to fill the form below with the trainee requirements and information of your company.


YOU select the candidate through an interview.


We will assist you in the necessary steps to start the virtual traineeships.

We help your business grow


Virtual Internships is an initiative from YesEuropa aiming to help companies fill vacancies with trainee candidates. We already sent over 500 trainees with Erasmus+. However, lockdown restrictions are not stopping us!

Due to COVID19 crisis, we want to continue to help Erasmus Trainees to enjoy their virtual traineeships. Companies will «host» virtual trainees to get an additional help in growing their business.

We have a wide range of trainees from Spain willing to help you in your business. 

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FAQs virtual internships

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