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Themis project: European organisations consortia for VET trainees

Accredited by the European Commmission

Our PIC number is 948821118 and our EVS accreditation is 2014-1-ES02-KA110-004967.


We are able to send you participants to make a traineeship for free, with no cost for your organisation.

Our trainees are covered by us for accommodation, food, insurance and travel.

Your obbligations? A minimum of 6 months traineeship is required from your organisation and provide a tutor to evaluate their progress.

How can we help you?

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  • We will promote professional training for VET trainees, so we need organisations that are able to host our Spanish trainees in their structures.Mobility periods are minimum 6 months and students will be covered for their monthly allowance, travel and insurance. We are looking for:
    • European enterprises (active in any field)
    • NGOs
    • Foundations
    • Public bodies able to provide traineeships

    The Consortia will promote professional training through international mobility directed to future graduate and recent graduate (1 year max.) from participating VET institutions.

We seek apprenticeships in your organisation

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We are open to any public or private organisation active in this fields:

  • Administration, Management, Human Reources and Secretary;
  • Hospitality (Hotels) and Catering (Restaurants);
  • Environment;
  • Health & Social Care;
  • Information technology (software and hardware) and Multimedia;
  • Law and Insurances;
  • Psycology and Social Work;
  • Sports and leisure;
  • Commerce;
  • Engineering;
  • Graphic design, Marketing and Advertising.

How my organisation can benefit from this project?

  • VET graduates:  We send recent VET graduates from Higher and Middle Education centres in Spain, participants are over 18 years old.
  • Full-time: They can work up to 40 hours per week.
  • All the year round: we can agree in sending your through the year candidates at your convenience in different periods, at your convenience.
  • Easy: you provide a tutor that should sign a report, previoulsly made by the same trainee (like Youthpass). You only need to host 1 or more trainees in your organisation and monitor them periodically.
  • Free of charge: Expenses will be paid to trainees directly.

Public & private organisations we work with

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YesEuropa es un servicio de la Asociación Building Bridges. Ponemos en su conocimiento que dispone de un fichero automatizado con datos de carácter personal así como de un archivo documental general denominado “Base de datos general de administración de Asociación Building Bridges. La finalidad de su creación es proporcionar a los usuarios la información solicitada por los mismos en cualquier aspecto de la cultura. Leído y conforme con los párrafos anteriores, AUTORIZO a Asociación Building Bridges para que, en cumplimiento de los fines directamente relacionados con las funciones legítimas del cesionario, trate mis datos de carácter personal en el ámbito de la asociación, sus departamentos, y entes colaboradores, así como la cesión a los estamentos oficiales públicos y privados oportunos para el desempeño de sus atribuciones, de acuerdo con lo dispuesto en la Ley 15/1.999 de 13 de diciembre.

How to join the consortia?

If your institutions would like to host Erasmus+ trainees, you will have to fill:

 Letter of commitment (signed and scanned)

PIF Model

and send the documents to asociacionbb AT, and we will answer to you within 48 hours.

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