Summer camps 2019 in Spain, volunteering programmes from 40€

Summer camps in Spain 2019, volunteering programmes for young people 18-30 years old. Enjoy a different summer with our volunteer positions in Spain. From 40€ meals and accommodation included!

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Summer camps in Spain, volunteering projects

Summer camp in Torremocha (near Madrid)

Location: Torremocha de Jarama, Madrid
Address: Torremocha de Jarama (Madrid)

Type of work: ENVI Environmental / MANU Manual / CONS Construction
Dates: 01-07-2019 /30-07- 2019
1-08-2019 / 30-8-2019
Total places: 2 for each period
Age: 18 – 30
Fee: 40.0 EUR
Languages: Spanish, English


Hosting organization is an association of producers and consumers that dedicate ourselves to self-consumption and the ecological and regenerative production of food. It is located in Torremocha de Jarama, 50 km from Madrid. We produce vegetables, fruits, eggs and meat. We are also dedicated to training and education. The project is starting, we have been operating for a little more than a year, but we already have almost 90 associated families and 2 workers. Our farm covers more than 1 hectare and we have 180 hens and 60 chickens. Volunteers will be able to collaborate and learn garden work and animal care always in an ecological way, help in workshops and training courses in agroecology, preparation and distribution of baskets to partners, composting … Accommodation will be in member families. We are managing the occupation of a hostel near the land so that soon the option of exclusive Hostel for volunteers could be available.

The three workers work from Monday to Friday and there is a team of volunteers from the Association who take care of the animals on the weekends. There are also collective work days that serve both to advance the work and to celebrate our commitment to the association and share efforts and ideas. Most of the associated families live in Torremocha de Jarama.

The village is small but has a Cultural Center with Library and computers, sports center with gym, activities and summer pool, and buses to Madrid daily every hour or hour and a half. It also has an Artisan Center (-Torrearte-) with various places with craftsmen dedicated to working with wicker, leather, carpentry, cheese, organic products, … some of them that teach very interesting courses.

Tasks, accommodation and food

Tasks: Animal care, Construction projects, eco-products delivery, egg collection, general tasks on the farm, management of crops in the field, harvesting, help with an ecological project, practicing the language, manual works and maintenance in general, making eco-products packaging , plant / sow, prune, seed bank, remove herbs.
Generic competences to be acquired: Provision for work in the field
Specific competences to be acquired: knowledge of farm works (they are not essential).

Accommodation and meals:
Accommodation: you will be staying with families. When the family arrives, they will be waiting and will present their room. The next day they will go to work in the garden.
The English we have is medium.

The accommodation is made with families. One room for each volunteer. We have a maximum of 2 volunteers per period. Right now we have not covered July and August, although there may be low and high.

We usually host volunteers with families for two weeks and then, if the volunteer and the family agree, we can extend the deadline.
Regarding meals, the family usually gives total freedom so that the volunteers are self-managed in their preparation. But we are the ones who provide the products, from the garden or the store. They do not have to pay anything, of course.

Map and how to get to this summer camps


Madrid airport is the biggest airport in Spain, with international flights every day connecting all over the world. From here you can get public transport subway (“Metro”) towards “Plaza de Castilla” station.
To get to Torremocha. In Madrid’s “Plaza de Castilla” metro station, there is an interchange where a bus leaves, the 197, that takes you to Torremocha. You have to see the schedules because they do not all arrive here. They can also be found in Torrelaguna.

Eco-La Rioja

Location: Nalda, La Rioja
Type of work: ENVI Environmental / MANU Manual /
01-07-2019 /30-07- 2019
1-08-2019 / 30-8-2019
Total places: 2 for each period
Age: 18 – 30
Fee: 40.0 EUR
Languages: Spanish, English

Description summer camps Nalda

Hosting organisation is working together with coordination organization, Building Bridges. Hosting organization  works on projects that activate employment in rural areas, in the Nalda area (La Rioja and its surroundings)
General objectives: Sustainable and equitable rural development
Specific objectives:
Create jobs
Cover the needs of the environment based on solidarity economy employment
Experience new sources of employment
Ten women workers are supporting the association together with 50 local volunteers.
The association counts on children libraries and game fields,, home help for old people, orchards, farms in the mountains, …

Tasks , accommodation and food within summer camps Nalda


Agroecological and forest works.
Promotion of agroecology
Fight against climate change
Reforestation and redesign of objects, used garments and landscape
Cleaning of river channels manuals
Working hours between 8 and 15 hours, six hours a day
Activities (30 hours per week)
Manual cleaning of forests, seedbeds, planting, picking fruit trees, olive trees, …
Generic competences to be acquired: Willingness to learn, Inclination for agroecology and the environment

Specific competences to be acquired: Profiles linked to agriculture and the environment.
They will always be accompanied by personnel of the association that has assigned those tasks and in contact with the manager and with the tutor.

2 people, usually are hosted at the same time.
Loger periods to agree with the association.
The host house will offer accommodation and the kitchen where the volunteer will be able to cook products collected from the local association or from the house that hosts. We require responsable people to help with their own cooking and cleaning in order to help host organisation.

Map and how to get there

How to get there:
You have to get to Logroño, the capital of La Rioja and then to Nalda in the M4, a metropolitan service that you leave in the town square.
International airports near Logrono, Spain
156 km: Bilbao, Spain (BIO / LEBB) Bilbao Airport
171 km: Zaragoza, Spain (ZAZ / LEZG) Zaragoza Airport
209 km: Biarritz, France (BIQ / LFBZ) Biarritz – Anglet – Bayonne Airport
229 km: Santander, Spain (SDR / LEXJ) Santander Airport
A complete infopack will be deliver for those selected.

Summer camp with children near Madrid (in German language)

Location: Guadarrama, Madrid (Spain)
Type of work: ENVI Environment / EDU Education
Dates: 1 July – 28 July 2019
26 August- 7 September 2019
Total places: 1 each period
Age: 18 – 30
Requirements: German mother tongue

Description summer camps in Guadarrama

Hosting partner has a strong German roots and has always been linked to teaching of languages, camps and activities for children and families. All activities are conducted in German, so children will enjoy a total linguistic immersion.

Hosting partner organizes a language immersion summer camp in German, in Guadarrama, in the middle of the Sierra de Madrid, with the aim of developing a program of sports, environmental and linguistic activities, where children between 8 and 15 years old (separate groups) by ages) practice and perfect the German language while enjoying a complete program of sports activities, games, workshops in constant contact with nature.

Children in different situations, outside of the daily environment and doing motivating and new activities, are more receptive and enjoy their learning because they feel active participants in this process and practice it in subjects related to their daily life in the camp and in activities of your interest Our goal is to make learning German a fun and rewarding experience.

Tasks, accommodation and food

What activities are you going to do?
Nature, Trekking, Path of Nature and orientation, Falconry,  Animalia: Contact with live animals,  sports
Kayak, Archery,  Volleyball,  Traction Kites,  Football,  Basketball, Tennis and Paddle, Yoga, Dance,  Swimming, Climbing and Tirolinas,
Workshops and crafts
Theater, Dance, Robotics, Lego Education and Robotis Kidslab, Crafts and Creativity: Painting, Leather, wool, resin, mud, flush, sand, natural soaps, puppets, candles, reclining …
Language classes
2 hours of conversation, listening and reading comprehension classes
Workshops and projects

Being camps with overnight, tasks will be entrusted according to the profile of the voluntary. There are usually two blocks of activities during the day (from 10:00 a.m.
2:00 p.m. and 4:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.) plus a night activity (from 9:30 p.m. to 11:30 p.m.).
The volunteer will participate in two of the three daily blocks.
Depending on the activity and profile of the volunteer.
Activities (30 hours per week)
Games, sports and leisure activities, all in German.

In the field, German will be spoken as a vehicular language. Accommodation, meals, tutoring, infrastructures are included.

Accommodation and meals:
Included.3 meals per day.

Map and how to get there

Summer camps in Algatocín (Málaga)


Location: Algatocín, Málaga
Type of work: ENVI Environment / EDU Education

1-30 June // 1-30 July //1-30 August // 1-30 September
Total places: 15 volunteers
Age: 18 – 30
Requirements: Young people willing to develop Bioconstruction activities


40€ membership fee

In addition, the costs of accommodation and maintenance are t:
Accommodation (Tent brought by the volunteer)
Maintenance: Contributed by each volunteer : € 4 per day

Description summer camps in Algatocín

Generic competences:

Knowledge of the process and principles of construction with natural materials

Specific competences:

Carpentry, construction techniques with earth, straw and stones, kitchen

Tasks, accommodation and food

Schedule: 8.30 1:30 // 17:00 p.m. to 19:00
Activities (30 hours per week)
Carpentry, kitchen, construction techniques with earth, straw and stone.

Volunteers will have coordinators of activities and tutors, we speak several languages.
We have 15 years of experience, we will visit the place on arrival and a training to locate the vols.We do constant evaluation and dynamics of socialization and conflict resolution.

Meals will be prepared by the vols. by rotation and with the support of a member of the association.

Map and how to get there

How to get to this summer camps in Malaga:

Train to Cortes de la Frontera, then on foot or by finger (14km)
Bus from Algeciras or Ronda to Algatocín (then on foot to the farm, 2km)

Free time:

Walks, baths in the river, pool-bar and wifi in the village. Visits to Ronda … one of the most beautiful cities in Spain.

There will be a cultural week in July in Algatocín

Summer camps in Spain

Enjoy your summer camps now!

No dejes pasar esta oportunidad de vivir una experiencia de formación en otro país con todos los gastos pagados, mejora tu CV, viaja y aprende. ¡Sólo puedes solicitarlo hasta los 30 años de edad!. 

What are summer camps in Spain?

A work camp is a different way to enjoy your holidays, developing a volunteering project of social/cultural/educational interest at individual or group basis.

There are different types of summer camps in Spain depending on the dates you are suitable and the tasks to carry on: we offer a wide range of activities including education activities, environmental protection, community-based work, etc.

There is a minimum fee of 40€, but each project may include a small fee to cover your food and accommodation.

Participants must pay for their travel tickets, whereas the hosting entity will pay for accommodation and meals. The summer camps are usually for young people older than 18 up to 30.

Summer camps calendar

Lenght varies in each project, although the minimum of time is usually two weeks. We also develop camps the whole year, not only during summer.

What are the costs for summer camps in Spain?

If you like to come to one of our workcamps in Spain, you need to pay a fee of 40 €.

Some summer camps may include a small fee to cover your accommodation and food during activities. Fee(s) include the possibility of going to this activity with accommodation and food included.

Please bear in mind that you need to cover your transport and insurance. 

Requirements for participants in summer camps

You need to be 18-30 years old.

Yoy may  carry out social, educational, cultural and welfare work of great importance and recognition.

Reasons to apply to summer camps in Spain

We give you the same reasons as for European volunteering, although here with this international experience you get other different results:

  • Acquire international experience
  • Improve your curriculum
  • Learn a language
  • Develop a volunteering work in another country
  • Know other methodologies of work
  • Put your knowledge into practice in other countries
  • Know and feel a World citizen
  • Support local community activities through volunteering

How many summer camps do you offer?

Supported by CCIVS, we plan to host more than 30 participants to workcamps in Spain in 4 different regions in Spain: Madrid, La Rioja, Andalusia and Galicia. More hosting projects will be uploaded periodically on this page.

What is YesEuropa?

YesEuropa is a portal powered by Building Bridges Association (legally established in Spain since 2008). We were founded with the aim of giving advice to the demands of information on European and intercultural information Exchange.

The main goals for our association are:

• Building up bridges to promote the European social construction.

• Bridge a gap encouraging an intercultural dialogue for a better understanding and knowledge of other cultures.

• Planning bridges through projects management to foster the citizens participation, specially young people.

• Leaving a mark supporting any cultural, educational or artistic expression based on the above mentioned projects.

We are an experienced association, our personal career and experience is wide. We have thought about creating this association to give shape and to have a closer collaboration that already existed between its partners for more than 10 years.

Are reliable this summer camps in Spain?

Absolutely yes. We are part of international networks and our work has been awarded by the same European Commission and local and regional governments (see our accreditations, partnerships and legal registration).

We belong to the CCIVS, Citizens for Europe EYCA Anna Lindh Foundation and CIVICUS: networks that promote values citizens and all activities related to culture and democratic values.

Our members have had the pleasure of meeting at different moments of local members from EURODESK network and we also coordinated Eurodesk Network at national level for over 10 years. In consequence, we were able to share experiences and plan new initiatives to improve the system of youth information, at local, national and international level.

YES EUROPE is a portal for support and advice on international mobility and European projects promoted by the Building Bridges Association, based in Madrid.
Our group is composed of professionals delighted to help and advise private and public entities in order to write and manage international projects.

Until present day, thanks to several cooperation agreements with public and private institutions we actively participate in international networks such as summer camps in Spain.

We were able to carry out many projects under the old Youth in Action, Citizens Programme and Lifelong Learning Programme. Now we continue our work with Erasmus+, Europe for Citizens and Creative Europe programmes..

The main goal of our group is to promote international mobility and raise awareness among young Spanish and European people on topics such as social inclusion, integration and promotion of active citizenship, using only non- formal education.

Among the projects developed we include the European Voluntary Service, youth exchanges, international trainings, Erasmus+ traineeships and so on.

These projects have many young people able to take advantage of international mobility experience, now it’s your turn!.

Most projects are open to young people between 18 and 30 years and allow unforgettable experiences traveling and living without many expenses (in many cases projects covered the accommodation, food and much of the total trip).

Our group is also a member of several European networks of expert trainers and project managers, with the common goal of: offer young and old the opportunity to access mobility programs in educational, vocational, educational and cultural field to promote cultural exchange, improve personal skills and practice English.