Summer camps in spain

Summer camps 2019 in Spain, volunteering programmes from 40€.

For young people 18-30 years old. Enjoy a different summer with our volunteer positions in Spain.


From 40€

Board and accommodation included

whatsapp: 673 402 139 - 9am-14pm

Included in the project, single or shared rooms depending on the project.

Full board for volunteers in Summer Camps in Spain.

Support from the host organization as well as the sending, emergency contacts of coordinators at the local level.

You will have the opportunity to visit places close to the international volunteer project.

Before leaving you will receive a pre departure training from our international volunteer coordinators YesEuropa.

Most places are concentrated in summer, but there are open places throughout the year.

MOre information

Do not miss this information before applying for your international volunteer position.

How much does it cost?

Membership fee

40€ membership fee once you are accepted in one project.

Host organisation fee

Each organization charges a different fee, which can range from being free at € 200 according to destination, time and project. This fee includes accommodation, food, activities, coordinators, etc ... during the weeks of your volunteering.

Summer camp in Torremocha (near Madrid) FULLY BOOKED!

Summer camp in Torremocha (near Madrid) FULLY BOOKED!

Eco-La Rioja (Booked for 2019)

Summer camps in Girona (Catalonia) about Environment

Summer camps in Algatocín (Málaga) FULLY BOOKED!

Summer camps in Murcia (Permacultura and Bioconstruction)

Summer camps in Girona (Catalonia): FULLY BOOKED!

Summer volunteering in the Way of Saint James (Galicia)

Summer Camps in Spain experiences

Browse the map of experiences with the opinions of our volunteers in several countries of the world.

What are summer camps in Spain?

A work camp is a different way to enjoy your holidays, developing a volunteering project of social/cultural/educational interest at individual or group basis.

There are different types of summer camps in Spain depending on the dates you are suitable and the tasks to carry on: we offer a wide range of activities including education activities, environmental protection, community-based work, etc.

There is a minimum fee of 40€, but each project may include a small fee to cover your food and accommodation.

Participants must pay for their travel tickets, whereas the hosting entity will pay for accommodation and meals. The summer camps are usually for young people older than 18 up to 30.

Summer camps calendar

Lenght varies in each project, although the minimum of time is usually two weeks. We also develop camps the whole year, not only during summer.

What are the costs for summer camps in Spain?

If you like to come to one of our workcamps in Spain, you need to pay a fee of 40 €.

Some summer camps may include a small fee to cover your accommodation and food during activities. Fee(s) include the possibility of going to this activity with accommodation and food included.

Please bear in mind that you need to cover your transport and insurance. 

Reasons to apply to summer camps in Spain

We give you the same reasons as for European volunteering, although here with this international experience you get other different results:

  • Acquire international experience
  • Improve your curriculum
  • Learn a language
  • Develop a volunteering work in another country
  • Know other methodologies of work
  • Put your knowledge into practice in other countries
  • Know and feel a World citizen
  • Support local community activities through volunteering

How many summer camps do you offer?

Supported by CCIVS, we plan to host more than 30 participants to workcamps in Spain in 4 different regions in Spain: Madrid, La Rioja, Andalusia and Galicia. More hosting projects will be uploaded periodically on this page.

What is YesEuropa?

YesEuropa is a portal powered by Building Bridges Association (legally established in Spain since 2008). We were founded with the aim of giving advice to the demands of information on European and intercultural information Exchange.

The main goals for our association are:

• Building up bridges to promote the European social construction.

• Bridge a gap encouraging an intercultural dialogue for a better understanding and knowledge of other cultures.

• Planning bridges through projects management to foster the citizens participation, specially young people.

• Leaving a mark supporting any cultural, educational or artistic expression based on the above mentioned projects.

We are an experienced association, our personal career and experience is wide. We have thought about creating this association to give shape and to have a closer collaboration that already existed between its partners for more than 10 years.

Are reliable this summer camps in Spain?

Absolutely yes. We are part of international networks and our work has been awarded by the same European Commission and local and regional governments (see our accreditations, partnerships and legal registration).

We belong to the CCIVS, Citizens for Europe EYCA Anna Lindh Foundation and CIVICUS: networks that promote values citizens and all activities related to culture and democratic values.

Our members have had the pleasure of meeting at different moments of local members from EURODESK network and we also coordinated Eurodesk Network at national level for over 10 years. In consequence, we were able to share experiences and plan new initiatives to improve the system of youth information, at local, national and international level.

YES EUROPE is a portal for support and advice on international mobility and European projects promoted by the Building Bridges Association, based in Madrid.
Our group is composed of professionals delighted to help and advise private and public entities in order to write and manage international projects.

Until present day, thanks to several cooperation agreements with public and private institutions we actively participate in international networks such as summer camps in Spain.

We were able to carry out many projects under the old Youth in Action, Citizens Programme and Lifelong Learning Programme. Now we continue our work with Erasmus+, Europe for Citizens and Creative Europe programmes..

The main goal of our group is to promote international mobility and raise awareness among young Spanish and European people on topics such as social inclusion, integration and promotion of active citizenship, using only non- formal education.

Among the projects developed we include the European Voluntary Service, youth exchanges, international trainings, Erasmus+ traineeships and so on.

These projects have many young people able to take advantage of international mobility experience, now it’s your turn!.

Most projects are open to young people between 18 and 30 years and allow unforgettable experiences traveling and living without many expenses (in many cases projects covered the accommodation, food and much of the total trip).

Our group is also a member of several European networks of expert trainers and project managers, with the common goal of: offer young and old the opportunity to access mobility programs in educational, vocational, educational and cultural field to promote cultural exchange, improve personal skills and practice English.

Read summer camps experiences from our participants

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