No Gender Gap 3rd Transnational meeting

Amsterdam, NE
November 14th-16th 2019

The partners for the EU funded (through the Erasmus+ programme) , No Gender Gap project have met for their 3rd transnational meeting in the Netherlands, the home of one of the partners, to further work on bridging the gender gap within the ICT market.

The Partners met at the Jungle work space, located in the center of Amsterdam, hosted by the local partner, ILA, represented and led by Mr. Mehmet Altunbas. In attendance were Fiorella Operto and Luca Gilardi on behalf of the specialist partner Scuola Di Robotica; Sophia Bickhardt and Isabel Böhnke from Weltgewandt (German partner); Lisa Gomes and James Birch from PREVIFORM (Portugal); and Antonino Versace and José María Imbert from Building Bridges (Spain).

No Gender Gap 3rd Transnational meeting
No Gender Gap 3rd Transnational meeting

Discussions were carried out by the partners regarding the progress of the project. Development and completion of the project’s intellectual outputs are in full swing, which with the projects end-date projected to be september 2020, promise a very active first and second quarters of 2020.

In relation to the MOOC to be delivered and implemented, the first intellectual output for the No Gender Gap project, the set date for official launch should be ends of February and will be accompanied with the first ever pilot training sessions with actual participants at the beginning of the same month.

In an ambience of productive collaboration between partners, technical ideas and methodologies were discussed to further the impact of the project. Under the guidance of the specialist partner, Scuola Di Robotica, the partners will see out the completion of their MOOC and immediately begin work on their methodological guide, dedicated to trainers and educators, to accompany and aid the mooc content. The content itself promises technical capacities and the ever present element of education as to the role of women in the field throughout history in a form of hidden figures montage, which promises to be both educational and fun.

No Gender Gap 3rd Transnational meeting
No Gender Gap 3rd Transnational meeting

The partners closed their 3rd transnational meeting by formalizing the dates for their next meeting to take place at the end of Q2, 2020. As always, a renewal of the commitment to work of bringing women to the foreground and the vow to bring their best work forward marked the formal end of the meeting.


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