Dos vídeos de nuestros proyectos con Rumanía sobre empleabilidad

CREED Association (The Center of Economic Resources and Education for Development) along with our partners Capacity Building and Building Bridges Association organised between 02.09.2016-10.09.2016 the international training Apprenticeship as a Pathway to Employability. The project is financed by Erasmus Plus Programme, Key Action 1, managed in Romania by ANPCDEFP.
The main objective of the project is to raise the employment rate among young people, with an accent on young people with few opportunities.
Specific objectives
1. Raise awareness among employers and other social actors of the importance of apprenticeship as a method to increase employability.
2. Develop the necessary skills and competences to be able to bring together the unemployed young people and the local firms and create a successful Apprenticeship Program by the 21 youth workers from Romania, England and Spain.
3. Improving the way of operating towards their target group in the 3 partner organizations: CREED Romania, Capacity London and Building Bridges.
During the sessions, the activities were diverse, tapping many areas of concern, among them: the legal framework of apprenticeship, methods of promotion and presentation of apprenticeship among young people and legal entities, the presentation kit to promote apprenticeships to youth and companies, conducting interviews in the community and organizing a flash mob which was aimed at promoting apprenticeship in the community.
The methods we used are based on non-formal education the learning process of the participants being easy, creative and fun. We mention the following: open discussions, presentations, role play, debates, research, interview, public speaking, brainstorming, games, flash mob and so on.


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